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Can't pass 6700 rpm. act like rev limitter

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I have vipec v88 plug and play installed in mini cooper r53 gp. Engine is fully rebuilded. While tuning the car, my tuner realized that car cant pass 6700 rpm. At any gear and it doesnt matter fully load or not, car act like there is rev limitter at 6700 rpm. Actual rev limitter set to 7800. And there is no error at ecu. I changed spark plugs and map sensors but problem exists.

Do you have any ideas?

Here is my log file.



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On 6/22/2020 at 1:54 AM, Adamw said:

Can you attach a copy of the tune.

tune file attached.


46 minutes ago, josey said:

check sparkplug gap and dwell time on coils


Dwell times seems stable and changed spark plugs with colder ones. Nothing changed.

I will change cam sensor and crank sensor tomorrow. 

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18 minutes ago, cooperr53gp said:

I will change cam sensor and crank sensor tomorrow. 

Donot change things that are irrelevant.  I could see the throttle was closing in your log which is why I asked for your tune.

So, I can now see it is doing exactly what your tuner has programmed it to do - close the throttle above 6600RPM.  Tell him to fix that and it will rev higher.


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