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G4 PCLink - Red Text when Offline

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Hi there,

When I'm checking things out offline -so not connected to my ECU - when I change parameters, the text goes red -- presumably to identify to me that I've changed that value but it isn't loaded to the ECU, I don't know.

However, red text on my laptop screen against the black background is impossible to read - I've tried setting different colours in the themes, but none change this particular colour.

Can anyone help?


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I thought in the G4 they turned blue by default?  In anycase I think the theme item "value changed" is what you are after?  If you have a G4+ then the relevant theme item is called "value changed offline"






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Thank you very much! My laptop screen (or my eyes) is lacking so much contrast that I couldn't see that the original colour was brown, not red. I've changed to a nice prime colour now and it's perfect.

Thanks for your help!

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