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Factory cruise buttons for different purposes?


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If I have 4 different steering wheel buttons that share 2 wires and want to use those 4 buttons for 4 completely different things, what is the best way to do that? From what I can see, the only way is to play with pull-up resistor values until the voltage values fall into the right places to use a "GP rotary switch" input. Even if I had use a higher number of positions in the GP rotary switch and skip some GP rotary switch positions, as long  the same button hits the same switch position output every time, it wouldn't matter. Is that the way to go?

Edit: Actually the above may not be very useful as I can't select a particular GP rotary switch position as an option when choosing an input for launch control activation control for example. Any other ideas? Would a GP analogue volt and 4 different math blocks outputting 0 or 1 depending on whether or not the analogue voltage is within a specified range in each math block work?

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21 minutes ago, dx4picco said:

I would configure Virtual aux outputs to be triggered on a given voltage level. and then trigger your "completely different thing" with the corepsonding virtual aux.

Excellent. Yes that's the nicest option. Looks like math block would work too but virtual aux is way nicer. Thanks!

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I came up with a setup that; if I hold brake and clutch for 3 seconds after key on, my cruise switches become motorsport style buttons.

Here's the setup for "Track Mode",

  • Virtual Aux 1 is Clutch and Brake Switch
  • Start Timer 1 with Ignition Switch
  • Start Timer 2 with Virtual Aux 1 (reset it to 0 if virtual aux 1 turns off)
  • Virtual Aux 2 says: If, after 3 seconds, Timer 1 and Timer 2 are equal, then Virtual Aux 2 is on, when you release the pedals, the virtual aux stays on because of condition 3 (that it is on)

Virtual Aux 2 is now "Race Mode" you can use this to perhaps richen up a mixture, or as a switch for high boost mode.


I also reprogrammed in Track Mode, so that Cruise Resume increased my traction Slip % (Though you could use this for launch RPM or boost level) Cruise Set reduced this.

Cruise cancel activated launch control.

Cruise On/Off activated pit lane limiter.

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