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Galant VR4 Setting up input for launch control

Chris Glagola

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Hello, I am having an issue with the input for launch control. I am using the plug & play galant vr4 ecu in a 92 plymouth laser. I believe my clutch switch is bad so I'm in the process of hunting one down to install but I'm not sure on how to wire it to the ecu.  I see digital input #6 on the expansion loom is not used but do I wire the positive or the ground on the switch to the input? 

Ive tried setting up launch control based on mph using Digital input #3 (speed reference on the ecu) but for some reason it still arms the system at 20mph+ versus disarming after 10mph.

Thank you

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6 minutes ago, dx4picco said:

Put one side of the switch on a chassis ground and the other side on your DI pin

If I do this but leave the original ground for the switch untouched, shouldn't it technically be grounded through the stock harness already? Since there's a power and ground going to the switch from the factory.

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