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ALS Isc override table


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So I started playing a bit with the G4x software because a friend of mine is going to get a plugin for his car in the future.

I remarked something wierd, on pclink 6.16.64, when I put ISC override to on, an empty table is created, and when I click on this table without name it shows "AL ISC Override" but then nothing available to do, like putting values of override.



In g4+ that was simply a simple line that appeared in the table of "anti-lag".

Mistake on my side of sw bug?

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Yeah there is a bug in the current version with ISC override & Cyclic override (I think from memory only if you had a 3 wire idle valve?), it has been fixed in the next release.  I suspect it will be released very soon, I will check on the plans on Monday, if there is any delay I can get you a release candidate if you need it urgent.

PS, I think you can get around it by temporarily changing the idle actuator to solenoid, then turn antilag on again, the ISC override will be correctly assigned, then change the actuator back to 3 wire.



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