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G4x can files


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But the DASH 2 doesnt even have CAN?  Your screenshot above shows you are using the Dash2Pro software (Dash 2 doesnt have the CAN or Logging buttons etc).  So what device do you have?  For a Dash 2 you will need either a new DL1 with CAN built-in connected to it or one of their ECU interfaces.

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Ecu interface config file attached.  This covers the 15 most common channels from the ECU "Generic Dash 2" stream.  You may need to be on the latest PC Link & Firmware to find the generic dash 2 stream.  

The channel translations are as per the dash2pro article in the help file - some of them are a bit odd as Race tech has very limited channel names - for instance gear position is called "Fuel cut #8" or similar.

Link Generic Dash 2.CCF

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