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Launch Control Speed Input 3D Table


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Quick question.

3D Launch RPM table and launch control - I must use speed input to make all functions to work?

Our race car can't have speed input by regulations.
But I want to use 3D map for different launch RPM which I will change by potentiometer.

Now I use standard RPM Limit with second table which I activate with DI it works well but it would be better if i use launch control function.

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No you dont need a speed input.  If you have no speed input the the ecu will see zero speed all the time so the disarm speed will obviously not work so you will just have to disable by some other means such as a clutch switch or timer etc.

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Worked well. ;)
Arming and disarming with DI1.
Speed Lockout set to 1. (If i leave it on 0 - launch won't engage)
Launch disarmed when DI1 goes off.



White Ford Fiesta.
RPM 6000
1.6 bar in the intake on the start.

Don't even need bangs to get these stunning results with Link. :) 

Launch Control

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