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E36 G4 PNP - Not connecting to Computer


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A few days ago i loaded the base map to my E36 and everything worked fine.. car started andI was able to connect to my PC and make any changes necessary.

I recently purchase the  LINK LAMBDA sensor as well as the AIM MXS Strada screen along the CAN PCB & CAN F to be able to wire them in. 

I wired the Units as it was instructed:


- Power

- Ground

- CAN PCB / F: Can Hi inputs

- CAN PCB / F: Can Lo inputs


AIM / LINK Screen:


- Power

- Ground

- CAN PCB / F: Rx inputs

- CAN PCB / F: Rt inputs

- Reverse Cable (left unused)


Now my ECU will not connect to my PC unless i disconnect the CAN PCB harness from the ECU. Im thinking that the CAN PCB might be triggering a second signal or something to the ECU.


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21 hours ago, Adamw said:

You cannot have a PC connected at the same time as a serial dashboard.  The dash should be connected to CAN H/L just like the Lambda.




The dash cables dont show a CAN H/L connections.

They show:

- Power

- Ground

- Rx

- Rt

- Reverse



Would i connect the Rx and Rt to CAN? If so which would be CAN H and CAN L.


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