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Link CAN wideband

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Hi there, as a tuner i am looking to buy the link can wideband. I usually tune link ecu's and sometimes other brands. My question would be will the CAN bus work with other brand ecu's?

Also what's the response time of wideband? 


Thank you.


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The CAN Lambda CAN info is in the help manual under G4X ECU Tuning Functions > CAN > Device Specific CAN Information which includes what CAN info it receives and transmits as well as how to configure the CAN Lambda.

Yes the CAN Lambda will work with other brands of ECU as it only requires a simple CAN setup, you might need to setup custom transmit and receive streams in the ECU you are using (Only receive is needed but transmit allows exhaust pressure correction and stops it from starting until after the engine has).

The sample rate of the Lambda value is 100Hz and the delay between the engine's afr changing and seeing that change is mostly dependent on how far the sensor is from the cylinders.

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