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Very low Gain values


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I'm finding when setting various things up the I'm using very small "Gain" values (all less than 1).  Now everything seems to be working as it should be I just wanted to check i'm not missing something.  i've attached a couple screenshots and a map just to highlight what I'm on about.





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The idle gains look ok but normally I have it higher than that - I find D is usually not wanted and any D usually just makes the idle less smooth for me.  In every car I have done so far I have found best idle control and anti-stall properties with P around 1.0-2.0 and D= 0.    Also, I would usually have the ignition idle target down around 10deg with the max clamp at 25 or 30 so you've got more opportunity for a larger torque increase when needed. 

Your knock gains do not look correct to me, I suspect you may have a single wire resonant type sensor which outputs a much higher voltage than the more common types and usually dont work well - many toyotas for instance.  With the gains so low you will probably find at high load the knock input max voltage will be reached so the signal will start clipping.  If not then it should be fine but that's what I normally see when the gains are so low.


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Thanks, the idle target was 10 deg but i forgot to put it back when messing around so I can reset that no problem.

The knock sensor is indeed a single wire Toyota unit and a new one is on my to do list but for now this is what I have to work with.

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