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HC96X trigger issue with honda distributor


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Hello everyone im having some trouble getting my link ecu to work properly with the standard ignition system.

It runs fine on the stock ecu with no fault codes but on the link logged engine speed is all over the place at full throttle and getting trigger errors plus the rev counter takes a fit at the rev limit.

Ignition control module is new and was fine on standard ecu.

Any ideas what i should be trying next ive attached the log i got this morning after rebuilding the dizzy with a different set of sensors.

Im properly stuck now so any advice would be appreciated, car is a 96 spec obd2a Integra dc2 type R with b18c ive noticed the obd2b cars have one less wire for the rev counter think my next move will be to remove that incase its interfering with the signal from the ecu.









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Been doing some reading and looking at my tune the base timing was set using the default -85 trigger offset value and adjusting the distributor to match the 16 degree mark on the stock pulley at idle.

Found Somone on this forum saying it's best to leave the distributor near the middle and adjust offset from the ECU until 16 degrees timing is achieved then adjusting the delay value until it's consistent throughout the rev rage ?


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I dont really see any suggestion there is a problem in your log.  The only trigger error logged was when the engine stalled at the 20sec mark.  The noise on the RPM trace looks typical for a cam attached trigger.

The tacho bouncing around when on the rev limit is because you are using and ignition cut limiter, the factory tacho is driven off the coil so if you cut sparks to the coil then you are cutting the signal to your tacho too.  The factory ECU uses fuel cut so you wont see this effect.

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Ah well I suppose that explains the rev counter issue then.

And it's good to know about the cam trigger it had been suggested to me I might need to add more resistors or shielded wire to stop the noise of the cam trigger.

With regards to my ignition base timing question do you think it would be worth  resetting using the trigger offset in the ECU instead of rotating the distributor ?

Found a couple of posts on here suggesting its the way to do things 


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Its definitely important to check rotor phasing but that may not mean you need to adjust anything - just do a static check first.  Do just as Brad's post above suggests, manually turn the crank to 20BTDC, pull the dizzy cap off and check the rotor is nicely centered under a post.  If it already is then no need to adjust anything.  If it isnt, then rotate the distributor body until it is, lock it up, then start it again and adjust the trigger offset so that the timing light matches ecu commanded timing.

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