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Pulstar sparkplugs


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Not sure if you guys have heard of these plugs, but since they don't cost a fortune and because I found some youtube reviews I would dare to say reliable (or at least convincing), I thought to give them a try.

They claim that the capacitor in the body of the plug amplifies the spark so much that it ignites the A/F mixture much quicker and more predictable.

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't doing this for whatever extra power, but I was hoping for a more pleasant sounding idle.

Anyhow, today I fired up the car and it was quite surprising what I saw. The idle was about 6-7% leaner then before. See log screenshot on the link.


This was such a big difference, that I thought my new (licensed) LSU sensor (fitted 3 days ago) went nuts, so I changed it to a new OE Bosch LSU sensor. The result was exactly the same.

Would you believe this? Is it possible that this is due to the increased efficiency and speed of the burn?

Also, as you can see on the following screenshot, the idle itself got much more rough.


Would you believe that this is due to some increased torque due to the same reason? Will try to change the PID settings to see if I can smooth it out and I might change the spark plugs again to a new set of NGK iridiums to confirm this is really due to the Pulstar plugs.

Any thoughts appreciated.

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I would agree with Vaughan's comment, from the extra noise you have on the lambda trace it suggests you have a misfire or at least 1 cylinder with very poor combustion.  

It is definitely not due to an increase in torque or efficiency - probably quite the opposite.

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