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VI-PEC I88 Plug-in obd Bluetooth


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Hi! I have a Nissan Plug-in ECU wich runs the Link firmware. 

I would like to run Realdash via Bluetooth. 

Is this possible?

If so, what hardware would I need? 

I have tried via USB and it finds the ECU but it gets an error, so maybe this is an easier route to go. 

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OBD2 is a bit slow and laggy for a dash in my opinion.  With OBD bluetooth you have not only custom CAN and power wiring to do but also a bluetooth serial connection to establish so if you are struggling with USB which is the most simple direct plug and play option available then it is probably a backwards step to change to OBD2.

There is a new fast bluetooth CAN option that I will be testing soon for Realdash but I suggest you get USB working first.


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Have you followed the setup instructions?
I wasted a lot of time trying to get it working, then found and followed the instructions and it seems to work great now.
For example you need to activate the datastream within PCLink, if you don't know that, you have not seen the instructions, I'm assuming setting up I88 is the same as G4+
Have a look:


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