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Monsoon Build in MAP Sensor

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Dear All,

Hope you and your family safe in Corona Virus.

I have a question that I will connect a Monsoon G4X into a Honda Civic, I have a question that how can I setup G4X to use internal MAP Sensor instead of An Volt 1? I cannot found the setting of it.

Thanks in advance.


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When using a Monsoon you should have an 'Internal' option in that Source selection list. If you are making your monsoon basemap out of one of the sample honda maps and you haven't connected to the ECU then the basemap will still think it's a plugin and so won't show the 'Internal' option.

To make the basemap offline you will need to start with the sample Monsoon map and go from there.

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Status update:

it works! when I load the map to monsoon, the Map sensor can choose Internal.




I have another silly question.

I was use the setting in Analog Temp 2, but it keeping the reading -40C and I checked the input voltage was 4.98. For the ECT, there are two pin, as I understand, a 5V input to the sensor, it will drop the voltage when it become hot. But I found when I switch on the ign, both are 5V.... anything I did wrong? The car can start but I think it might due to the wrong ECT and it cannot hold for idle.

Thanks in advance.



ect 2.jpg


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