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Trigger 1 error on a Nissan 240sx with the Plug-in G4x


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I have a 95 Nissan 240sx with a SR20DET that was running on the Link G4+ Plug-in this past year. Tuned on the dyno multiple times with no issue  and ran multiple times at the track with no issue. Just recently switched to the Link G4x Plug-in and I'm having issues with the Trigger 1 signal. Went through the parameters, the inputs and outputs, and set up a very basic ignition and fuel map for start-up. Vehicle starts up and idles fine. Base ignition timing was set at 15deg btdc. I start to do some partial throttle adjustment and notice that at 2500rpm, there was some break up. I looked at the cam/crank log and notice that the rpm was cutting from 2500rpm to 0rpm over and over. Checked the Ignition Angle logs and that was going to 0 as well when vehicle was cutting out at 2500rpm. Looked at Trigger 1 signal and notice that was cutting out. Trigger 2 signal was fine. I then tested it at 2000rpm and it ran fine with no trigger issues, only above 2500rpm is where Trigger 1 signal will cut in and out. I thought it might be a bad CAS(Cam Angle Sensor), switch that out and still having the same problem. I checked engine protection and nothing in there was being set off either. It ran fine on the G4+, nothing was change on the vehicle when switching to the G4x so not sure if I have set something wrong or miss a setting somewhere. I'm going to attach the log and the base map I'm working with. Let me know if there's a problem before I start tracing wires to see if its an electrical issue now.

Partial throttle.pclx Trigger Errors at 2500rpm.llgx Trigger Errors at 2500rpm_2.llgx

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The default settings for Nissan 360 opto in the G4X is Trigger 1 edge should be set to rising and trigger 2 edge set to "all".  Yours are both set to falling at the moment.  So set it back to the defaults and let us know if that doesnt solve it (you will need to check base timing again).   

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