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G4X and Grayhill CAN Keypad


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On 16/7/2020 at 0:20, Adamw said:

Sí, hay planes para la funcionalidad del teclado CAN y se ha comenzado a trabajar en él. Sin embargo, aún falta algo de tiempo, mi mejor conjetura es de 3 a 4 meses.

I have a Grayhill 5x4 opencan, I can test if you need to.  This keyboard with Ecumaster PMU works

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23 hours ago, Adamw said:

Unfortunately no closer.  The engineer that was originally working on the function has left so it is waiting for one of the other firmware guys to pick it up.  

Thank you very much for the update. I’d like to chime in and say this feature would be greatly appreciated. I’ve got 6 or so switches I thought I’d have spare inputs for but I got a Subaru plug-in g4x so I’d have to hack up my harness which I’d rather not do. The expansion harness wasn’t particularly helpful in my application. Thank you for continually supporting your product. 

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Another option is this: https://www.micropdm.com/products/p/micropdm

This connects to the Blink keypad and handles all the logic such as toggle/flash/count and the LED's etc.  All the button "outputs" can be sent to the ECU via CAN as well as some of the pins on the relay can be controlled by the buttons too.  

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Yeah if you know CAN well enough and you have plenty of spare CAN channels and GP outputs spare you will be able to get some basic functionality working.  But it is not enduser freindly for someone that doesnt have a good gasp of CAN.  As you have noticed some functionality has been added in preperation such as CAN DI latches and there has also been things like failsafe/timeout/fault logic added in the background.

You need a wakeup message, heartbeat message, LED message, key message, optionally brightness and back light messages.  From memory in the CANopen versions you can disable the need for wake-up and heartbeat but they are required by default.  

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