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Idle rpm new target when a/c on


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Exactly as I said in the title:)

Is there any way to set a new rpm target when I switch on the ac on the digital input?

I ve already set the idle up table to 15, but still it would be great to have it idle at 1050 rpm maybe, it's a 4efte and needs this little increase in rpm to make things settle better as the stock ecu does. It makes a big drop when hitting on the clutch or stopping suddenly...something that's not happening with the ac off


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3 hours ago, Yvo said:

Hi, have the same problem with a thunder ecu on my  rb26

As I mentioned above you can do this since you have a G4+.  The original poster doesnt have the option as he has an old G4 ecu.

In the Idle speed control settings, set the Base/Target table mode to 3D, you will then get a new "target trim table" and a 3D target table.  So you can either use the target trim table to change the target when AC is on, or you can put AC status on the spare axis of the main target table and do it that way.

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