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Timing table issue vllink


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Have set the base timing but when I click done the engine revs pick up to over 1200. Checked the ecu timing and it reads nearly 23 degrees then I checked the ignition table (base map) and it is only giving  an rpm reading with no MAP cross hair. There is a MAP reading showing on the engine stats. I cannot get the idle down and the issue seems to be with the ignition timing.

2nd log.llgx

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When you have the set base timing screen open the timing will be locked to whatever value you have in the top "lock timing to" box, so it was probably 0 or 10deg, then when you close that screen it will jump to whatever is commanded in the ignition table - in this case about 22deg.  Obviously it will idle faster with 22deg than it will with 0 or 10.  

Your log shows the MAP was working and the ignition advance commanded matched what is in the ignition table.

If you want less than 22deg at idle, then adjust your ignition table to whatever you want.  10ish would be more common.

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