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Seadoo Rxp 300

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To be honest, i have never wired something like this before but to my guessing , the 2 on top are power wires and the 2 on the connector are the switching? So one of them will be constant +12volt or ground and it will be switch via an aux1-4 from the link ecu. And the Push buttom will be one ground and the other +12V? 

The existing push button is ground and power and the power is switched via the oem ecu if am correct, will link be able to run it this way?

Sorry for all the questions just to be extra sure. Better to ask twice and do once. 


Thanks Adam

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The two small pins are the coil (just like pin 85 & 86 on a normal relay) and the two studs on to are the high current contacts (just like pin 30 and 87 on a normal relay). 

How it was controlled by the OEM is anyone's guess, it may have been done by the ECU or possibly the dash or even just a circuit in the push button.  The ECU can do push button start control but you will still need an ignition switch to power up the ECU.


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