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Idle status during cruise


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Hi guys,

Could someone please break down for me why my idle status is saying CRANK%dc when my rpm and tp lockout are exceeded but my duty cycle will log at 36% where I have it set in the base position settings.

For example, cruise rpm would be 2400 rpm, throttle is say 10% but my idle status will say Crank%DC but its %dc is saying 36. Is the idle solenoid always on? Will it ever turn of so no controlled air is being bypassed the throttle?

IDLE control is from a 2 wire solenoid, frequency set to 200hz






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I forgot to mention that as far as I remember in that firmware, it was only the status that was displayed incorrectly, the actual idle speed control should still have been working correctly.


56 minutes ago, ChrisE said:

Does the idle solenoid ever fully close during cruise rpms? Or does it default to base position settings? 

It will go to whatever is in the idle base position table.  Normally it would not be recommended to close the valve but if you really want to you can do so by enabling the 3D base position table, then set it to zero based on RPM or some other variable.  You will normally however feel the stumble everytime the valve opens/closes.

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