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knock issue


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Hi,I am new at tunning and I am trying to setup knock control. But I cant figure out real knock.I logging knock levels there high readings about 3500 rpm. I decreased ignition timing about 3 degrees but still same. Is it normal or i am missing something. 

Car is cooper r53 gp.

thank you.




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To properly tune knock control you really need audio knock equipment so you can listen at the same time while setting it up as well as making it knock to confirm effective.  Any other method you are really just guessing.

If you attach your tune I can make sure your basic settings are in the ball park but tuning the threshold really needs audio to be done well.

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Suggested changes in blue below.  Since you are wasted spark the coils are controlled in pairs so you cant have individual cylinder control, hence we only assign Cyl 1 & 2 (3 & 4 are still controlled, just dont get their own table)  I have moved the window start later so it is only listening at the crank angle that knock is likely to occur at and will avoid listening during the TDC piston slap event.  


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