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Custom CAN setup for Plex uSDM


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Hi, I have wired in a Plex uSDM100 to my Evo 4-8 G4+ plugin via CAN2. Used the CAN PCB and CANF plug to wire in CANH, CANL, Ground and +14v via the Link ECU header. 

I have basic comms working using the generic dash template. However I need to make some custom streams so that I can add in extra parameters - Ethanol %, etc that is not covered with the generic dash template. 

My main issue is, in the Plex software when you add a new data item, you need to configure many fields to define it. There is a value required called "ID HEX" and is for example "38E,0" for some items in the generic Link template available from Plex. However I have no idea where this is derived from on the Link side. 

Say I have the %Ethanol parameter as the first data parameter in a new Frame in Stream 1. What is the ID Hex value for this parameter to enter in the Plex config for this data parameter? I gather this is so the CAN receiver can locate the data for the parameter in the correct stream and frame, and it then refers to the "Start" value (2, 4 or 6) to locate it exactly. However when creating streams and frames in the Link, how do you know what the ID HEX value is for each one to enter in the Plex setup? 

Link Side:

CAN setup mode.PNG

Link Ethanol stream frame example.PNG


Plex Side:

Plex ID HEX field.PNG



Any help would be most welcome!! Thanks

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Ok, so I did some testing, and tried to reverse engineer the "Generic Dash" template as a training excercise.

Looking at frame 1 in the below table from the PC Link Help File.

Parameter format:

3 parameters per frame

Parameters entered as 16 bit unsigned, LSB first




So I did that





And I loaded the Plex Generic Dash template:





And the displayed values were nonsensical. 13,000+ for RPM, etc


I then went to the MODE tab and selected the 'Generic Dash' mode and the RPM, MAP and MGP values displayed correctly. What am I doing wrong here with the manual setup? 

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15 minutes ago, Adamw said:

Hi Adam, Yes I did and that’s where my question about the ID HEX value came from. The Plex example there highlights the ID HEX field and says this value comes from the Link side. I don’t see anything on the link side setup or in the help file about the ID HEX value. Where does it come from?  


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