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LINK G4+ viewing on a tablet and use as a dash for drift car


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Wanting to run my tablet on the dash of my car, but wanting to know the best way to do it?


I have a windows tablet but everytime i connect the tablet to the link it will be fine for about 2 mins then disconnect, im thinking the OS is too slow and out dated so i need to upgrade which is fine and i will most likely get a new surface pro with windows 10..

How should i use this tablet to give accurate readings and work flawlessly..

I have been searching and see you can hook it up to a wireless router but no recent forums showing how with pictures or link to NZ based shops i can buy the routers or dc 12v to 5v USB power cables for a wifi set up.  


Any help is appreciated!


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It shouldnt disconnect, that sounds like you have some other issue.  Does a normal laptop disconnect as well?  PC Link generally doesnt need anything flash to run it as just a display.  There are plenty of examples of tablet layouts in the forum, try the search tool at the top to search for tablet and you will probably find some.

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