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RB26 won't start - trigger setup with 36-2 and PRP cam trig


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Hey guru's!

Just having trouble getting the gtr to start on the Link G4. Haven't put an oscilloscope on it yet. It runs a ROSS crank trigger (36-2) and a PRP cam trigger and R35 coils.

I'm picking up RPM and it's fireing it just won't seem to kick over. The timings been set, initially was 180 out but has been rectified. This is limited information I know but if anyone has a picture of what the trigger setup's should be set too

and perhaps any other setting that would be causing it to not go would be helpful. 


If someone has the capacity to remote in if we can't get it to go that would be even better.


Cheers guys.


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If you've got spark, RPM is displayed correctly and the timing looks correct then its a good sign your trigger settings are correct.  


11 hours ago, mrpav said:

The timings been set, initially was 180 out but has been rectified.

How did you work this out?  You cant be 180 out on a 6 cylinder, there is a firing event only every 120degs.  If the timing mark is aligned but you think it is firing on exhaust stroke then this would be 360 deg out.  So did you change your offset by 360 or 180?  


Has the engine been running previously with a different trigger or is it all a new install?

Can you give us a short log of it cranking and attach a copy of your tune also.

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My apologies I meant 360 out. 

Your never going to guess what happened, the cam gears were installed 90 degrees out as the dots were missing so were installed off the adjustment line. 
It was trying to suck through the exhaust and pumping durry out the compressor. 

Lucky it didnt bend a valve. I appreciate how quick you are to help and no doubt I’ll need you again haha. 

Is the knock link worth the purchase on such a dated ecu you think?


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