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Higher Ethanol % richer AFR/Lambda


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Would there be a reason as to why going from 60% Ethanol where it was tuned. To filling up with more ethanol making the mix 69% - 70% make my AFR/lambda read richer? 


Example E60% Lambda target on full load .790 (Lambda actual .785 very close from target) after putting more Ethanol at the petrol station increasing my Ethanol content to 70% 

Example E70% Lambda target on full load .790 (Lambda actual .750) This is what I am seeing is this normal?

Thank you for any feedback 

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That would depend on how it has been mapped.  If its not using a flex sensor and just one fuel/VE table then I would expect it to get leaner with an increase in ethanol content (assuming CLL wasnt active), but if it has been mapped with a flex sensor blending between two different VE tables and two different sets of fuel settings then it will do whatever the tuner has set it up to do.

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