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R33 GTR 4WD light/A-LSD on


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Classic symptom with these dirty Nissan’s after an old ecu swap I’ve read. 
it seems I need a separate TPS signal apparently from the ECU to the Atessa. 

Some people say they just splice pin 56 over to pin 38 but then apparently this can overload the circuit with the attesa and it just throws a code again. 

I Haltech make a little adapter box to but it’s not clear to me wha to do with https://www.haltech.com/product/ht-038001-nissan-attesa-4wd-tps-adaptor/

Any help is much appreciated as most of the info is from the early millenium. 


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It was out of an R33 gtst. It was just the board inside the standard housing. 
the board has GTR written on it and the car is running and driving well, just the standard attesa and a-lsd light which is pointing to tps signal error. 
It seems back when the ecu came out people had to run a wire from the pin direct to attesa but am not sure if that was corrected as time went on. 

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All of our GTR/GTS plug-in ecu's since way back in the G1 days already have the correct hardware onboard to generate the proper TPS signal for the Atttesa.  It is designed to be plug and play so you should not be changing any wiring. 

The only thing that is sometimes needed is a small adjustment of the TPS as per the note in the manual below.


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