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5V in AN temp2???


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Hi everyone. So this is my first time installing a link ecu. I am pretty good with electrics but I am not a professional. I installed plug and play link 4g+ into my 300 zx. I am having a two major issues. 1: I have reconfigured AN temp2 from fuel temp to IAT. I am using an AEM IAT so I set it up for ohm input, Celsius output, 10 increments and then I used cal table 1 and entered some numbers that seem to be working for people. I constantly get an error 46, volt at 5 volts. I checked the source wire to the sensor, it has five 5V as it should. I checked the brand new IAT, it came back 2.4K ohms, which seems reasonable. Then I checked the signal return wire with the sensor disconnected as a last resource and I am seeing 5V in there as well. I seriously do not think I messed up the harness this bad. I cannot make sense of it. What am I missing here? 2: My CEL is not coming on although the laptop is showing that it should be flashing. Not even at key on. But when I turn off the ignition it flickers on so it must be connected. Any help would be appreciated.

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4 hours ago, ACPMick said:

I seriously do not think I messed up the harness this bad.

Sounds like it.  You should not have 5V on both sides of the temp sensor.  One side should be connected to sensor ground, the other side to the AN temp input.

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