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R32 GTR won't start


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I'm hoping somebody can take a look at my logs/ map and offer some advice to help get the car started.

Injector duty cycle appears to be 0% which means they aren't working?

Basic spec which may affect the map/ starting as below:

  • 300zx G4+ configured for GTR
  • Deatschwerks 1000cc injectors ,straight "bolt in" for rb26 (new)
  • Sard FPR (new)
  • Spitfire coil packs
  • 2 x sard fuel pump in swirl pot , one only running at idle
  • Radium twin entry fuel rail 
  • NZ wiring trigger kit setup as per NZ wiring instructions
  • HKS 272 Cam shafts
  • Internal Map sensor plumbed to rear of vacumn chamber on standard manifold ( 6 throttles)


300ZX GTR Base Map V5.pclr Log1.llg log2.llg

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No that shouldnt effect it.  Trigger scope will show us what is wrong.  I would guess air gap, but there are other possiblities such as it has been pinned wrong.  I have also seen some aftermarket cams with lots of end float so the gap keeps changing.  

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Please do the triggerscope to confirm, but I suspect that will be it.  If it was a GTR plug-in that would be no problem as there is an on-board jumper to swap trig 1/2, but no such feature on the 300Z plug-in.  If you do the triggerscope and notice the waveform is showing on trigger 2 and trigger 1 is just a flat line, then you will have to move that pin.

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