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V88 can configuration


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I'm trying to configure a SPLeinonen dashbox to receive data via CAN from V88 to be sent over bt to realdash.

ECU serial number is 10489, Firmware version is 4.9.8, mainboard revision is 1,2

The problem i have that in the CAN configuration, if i try to change the CAN ID it does not impact anything, the when i apply and re-open the can configuration the ID is 0

and it does not reflect in the list of channels either. 

The save format of the can configuration seems to be binary, so i cannot even change it there if it is a case of UI bug here.

When i look with a scope, the signal from VIPEC seems OK, but i'm having troubles getting the dashbox to get any of that, the can monitor doesn't see any traffic in the bus.


here is a screencap where the can ID is set as 1512, i've pressed apply but still in the can channels the ID is 0


here is some of the data i see on the bus, which is sent by the ECU

I'm configuring the realdash via XML file, but it does't seem to get that far since i see no data moving on the bus.


Any tips on how to change the can ID ?

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thank you very much, that did the trick.


got data now through BT on realdash with the SPLeinonen dash box.


The data sent is little endian, (opposet to megasquirts big endian)

<frame id="1512" endianess="little">
      <value targetId="31" units="kPA" offset="0" length="2"></value>
      <value targetId="37" units="RPM" offset="2" length="2"></value>
      <value targetId="14" units="C" offset="4" length="2" conversion="V-50"></value>
      <value targetId="42" units="%" offset="6" length="2"></value>

Here is my xml config for the first can channel, 

the channel mode needs to be sequential and speed 500kBPS 

MAP,Engine speed, ECT, TPS are on the first channel


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