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RB26 problems idling


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Can someone offer some guidance on getting my car to idle, at present I have to provide throttle input to stop the car dying

I need to  bleed the coolant before sending for professional mapping so need the car to idle

The car sounds like it has a misfire, is there a way to test the coils using the ecu?

Fuel pressure seems quiet high so perhaps adjusting that will help?

Thanks for your help!


Basic spec which may affect the map/ starting as below:

  • 300zx G4+ configured for GTR
  • Spitfire Coilpacks
  • NGK BPR8EIX spark plugs
  • Deatschwerks 1000cc injectors ,straight "bolt in" for rb26 (new)
  • Sard FPR (new)
  • Spitfire coil packs
  • 2 x sard fuel pump in swirl pot , one only running at idle
  • Radium twin entry fuel rail 
  • NZ wiring trigger kit setup as per NZ wiring instructions
  • HKS 272 Cam shafts
  • Internal Map sensor plumbed to rear of vacumn chamber on standard manifold ( 6 throttles)

300ZX GTR Base Map V4.pclr log 2 8.8.20.llg log 3 8.8.20.llg Log080820.llg

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Yeah, your need for 30% throttle to idle at 1000RPM suggests it is not happy with something.  

Did you rewiring the ignition outputs so they are in the correct order?  Because if you did you should enter the RB firing order into the ecu, at the moment you still have the VG firing order in there.  

Another change I suggest you do is open up our GTR base map, go to the fuel table, right click on it, choose import/export>export to clip board.  Then connect to your ECU, go to the fuel table and import from clipboard.  This will set up the fuel table with TP on the axis more suitable for the ITB's. 

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