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Windows 10 , USB driver issue.


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Hi team, 

I really hope that you can help me with this one.

Ran my car over the weekend, however, check engine light came on, thought, great, ill log in and see whats wrong... and this is where my problem begins.

I'm running windows 10 (latest updates installed) along with the latest Link Ecu software. When plugging the USB Cable in, the PC recognises that I've plugged it in, however, when looking at device manager, it has the dreaded triangle.

So, from there, I re-installed the drivers, which completed successfully, however triangle still there.

From there did the manual force install, which fails - "Windows encountered a problem installing the driver" code10.

I then attempted the other VCP driver and advice (below) but same thing.


Finally, I though it was my laptop, so grabbed another Windows 10 laptop, but had the same issues with all the steps.


Have you had something like this before? I'm at a bit of a loss at the moment.

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It looks like you dont have the drivers installed.  Go to the G4+ folder on your C drive, here:  C:\Link G4+\Link USB Drivers the run the driver install_x64 if you have a 64bit OS, or driver install_x86 if you have 32bit windows.  Take note of any error messages that pop up during that install.

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