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Rpm Spike


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I'm having an issue with RPM spike that is activating the RPM cut . It happens at random and I am stumped to how to fix. It started to happen a couple weeks ago. Before this the car has been running fine 

I checked over the wiring . It all seems good. I rewired the harness last year with new TXL wire and new plugs .

Any ideas would be great . 






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I'm trying to upload log file but t too large. Im trying to reduce but I cant figure out to how to. I zoom on the area where the spikes are but when I save it, it saves the complete file. 

Ill have to do another trigger scope as it did not save. 

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I think I found problem. The relay for CAS/ISC and BCS was not pushed all the way home. I had it out a couple months ago testing circuits. It must have wiggled enough to loose contact intermittently.  I pushed all the way home and test drove this morming for over an hour and no spikes. Im confident its sorted. 

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