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Link g4+ with Holley 3.5" display?


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Just wondering if it is possible to use one of the Holley 3.5" can displays that comes with their ecu with a link g4+? I'm not interested in bi directional can control. I was just wondering if it would be possible, and easy enough to use one as a basic can dash display. As I have an extra one sitting around from another car. 



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Rumor has it that Holley have implemented some type of security in those dashes so to restrict there use to a holley ECU.  I cant remember where I read that but I remember whoever it was stating they believed the ecu broadcast the serial number and the dash only accepts correct serial numbers.  I cant confirm or deny as I have never touched one but I suspect that is the reason you see no one else supporting them.

Do you happen to have a holley ecu kicking around as well?



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