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G4 Pnp e36


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Installed a PnP in my e36 with M50B28 TUB engine,works great!

I´m driving an Automatic gearbox ZF5HP18,can´t really manage gearbox to shift at right rpmpoints and to shift really firm.

There are functions in basemap för autogearbox so I hope someone already have tried this?

AUX7 pwm is for TPS-signal to TCU and AUX4 pwm consume-meter is also connected to TCU for Load-signal.


Played around a lot with these tables but not really satiesfied with results.


It shifts to eartly at WOT,not always but most of the time,can vary with same settings....

Gearcut function reacts to slow when signal comes from TCU,gearbox has already almost completed gearchange when Gearcut function is activated.


Drove with turbo and tweaked Motronic and autotransmision last year and it shifted really nice.


Someone who has tried to set up a autotransmission?

Or is there someone who can explain what AUX7 and AUX4 really does?

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