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Link G4+ w/ MXP Dash


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So i am having a weird issue after installing an MXP dash on my car.  Basically, my alternator stopped working and I believe it has to do with me disconnecting the OEM dash and not rewiring the "charge light" warning.  Can I wire this into the 23 pin plug and have it work or does anyone know of a bypass for it?  The car is an AE86 with the G4+ Talt ECU if that is of any help.  Please let me know. 



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Thanks for the response Adam.  What type of resistor would you recommend using, like pass through type or chasis mounted type, etc. Would I simply just wire that alt light wire into the resistor and leave the other side open or would I also have to wire in 12v to the resistor as well?  Please let me know.


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You can use any type of resistor you like, but a common 5W resistor would be the wire wound type that is a big ceramic block with legs out each end.  The idea of the resistor is to mimic what the charge light normally does so you have to wire it just like the charge lamp would be wired.  Ign switched +12V on one side, alternator on the other.


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