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No spark while cranking - Evo 9 base map


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I'm attempting first startup and having an issue where although the ignition test is successful, spark seems to be cut while cranking (tested with a grounded spark plug and one of the ignition probes). I'm using the Mitsubishi EVO 7 - 9 trigger mode and haven't modified anything under trigger configurations. While cranking there's a signal on trigger sensor 2 but not 1 and the engine speed data stays at 0. I'm not sure if that's normal with the EVO 7 - 9 trigger mode.

I'm attaching the log from a startup attempt along with the map and would appreciate any insight. Many thanks.

startup-attempt-1.llgx startup-Mitsubishi-EVO-9 PCB V1.6+ G4X Xtreme Plugin.pclx

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@Adamw  I hit capture before starting the crank on that one. Sorry about that. Did another and definitely hit capture while cranking this time. Log attached along with a screenshot of the post capture screen. The log still doesn't seem to show much but i'm hoping you could make something of it.

Another worthwhile point is that I installed a brand new crank position sensor today to be on the safe side and rule that out. The old sensor had been though a timing belt snap and could have been damaged because of where it's mounted. I'm experiencing the same issue with the new sensor.

Verifying timing with a timing light also doesn't work because there's no spark while cranking. Interestingly enough, even though some level of spark is occurring during the ignition test, the timing light doesn't flash while connected during the ignition test.




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Your ecu setting are fine, and the fact the trigger 1 signal in the triggerscope shows near zero volts means the trigger signal is shorted to ground somewhere.  If a wire was broken, had a bad connection or the sensor was unplugged the the triggerscope would show near 5V as it is pulled-up by the ecu.  

S start by unplugging the crank sensor, do another triggerscope, if the triggerscope still shows 0.2-0.4V like your pic above then the short is somewhere in the engine loom.  If the triggerscope shows 4-5V with the sensor unplugged then that means the short is after the plug.

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Yeah that suggest either the sensor is dead/not working correctly, or there is a short in the wiring between the sensor and its plug, or possibly the sensor doesnt have 12V.

Start by confirming there is 12V on pin 3:


Pin 1 is ground, pin 2 is signal.

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