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Unable to unlock new G4X

Riiken TSh

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Got my new G4X ST205 pnp, input unlock code dealer provided and double checked code and serial all match. Got error "function failed"

What might fix this? Did dealer made any mistake generate code? Need this car for daily commute thank you very much



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I just had a closer look at his account.  It seems he generated the correct unlock code originally, then later the same day he went back and generated a new unlock code using the part number.  

So tell him since he has already generated the code, he now can retrieve it using the "search" button (see picture below) rather than the "new serial" number.


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Successfully unlocked. I guess the guy when outside generates againt and copy pasted wrong number.


First start was smooth, however can't start the car right now, seems fine have fuel have ignition sounds smooth, but whenever I release the key from "start" to "on" car will shut off instead maintain idle. Any helps would be appreciated

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