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Celica ST205 plugin won't idle

Riiken TSh

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I'm currently very confused, car first starts fine, sounds smooth, only timing too advanced 22deg vs when setting for 15. Because I don't know I have to press enter in the base timing window I'm confused, shut the car and start searching how do I damn set base timing. Now the car won't start. It got fuel & ignition & sounds smooth, can rev very high, but shuts off immediately when key returned from "start" to "on". This also 90% time shuts the ECU so I can't even get logging.

Still I charged battery waited car to cool and get started again, before I could do any tuning correction as soon as ECT reach some 70deg engine shuts off again. Tried charge battery and wait car to cool again but so far no luck, she turns off as soon as key released from "starter" to "on"

Following is the log of second idle run Thank you very much



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I dont really see any reason for it to stop in the log, the ecu still has battery voltage and it still outputting injector PW and ignition dwell when the engine stopped.  So Im suspicious you have a wiring issue somewhere and either the injectors or ignition system is loosing battery voltage.  The fact that it runs with key in start position also suggests this.  So start by looking at power supply to those items.

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