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2GR-FE throttle fault


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Hope someone can help.

I have an MR2 running the 2GR-FE engine with a G4 Xtreme Red ECU.
After a period of flat battery and then using a smart 50A charger to charge the battery overnight, fired the car up and idle is up at 2000rpm and there is no throttle input.

Link software reports the pedal sensor is functioning ok however there is a "Ecu fault 73 aux 9/10 supply error" and it won't let me calibrate the throttle motor.

This car is relatively new to me and I don't have a wiring diagram to refer to but possibly while on the charger the the voltage may have peaked and it blew the electronic throttle system fuse.

Attached is a log.

Many thanks.



2gr throttle problem.pcl

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The E-throttle system inside the ECU is powered by its own source for safety reasons.  The error you have means the is no power on the +14V Aux9/10 pin (middle of top row on B plug as per pic below).  This pin would generally get its power from its own ECU controlled relay (we call it the E-throttle relay).  In your map we can see this relay is controlled by injector drive 8 and it appears the ecu is sending out the signal to enable this relay.  So it does seem like a blown fuse or something wrong in this circuit.

So start by checking if there is 12V and pin B5, if not trace back to where that goes - likely a relay.



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