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E36 single VANOS control


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Hi again, E36 sedan with a stroked 3 litre m50, m3 cams, 850cc injectors, PnP ecu.

I'm trying to get the single VANOS going but I'm finding conflicting info and none seems to be working.

Current trigger mode is Multitooth/missing, -325 crank offset. Ive seen it mentioned to change to M52 trigger mode with +30 offset but that doesn't run at all for me.

Ive tried with VVT turned off and just configuring AN3 for Cam switch. I can see it in the runtimes that it is activating at the required settings.

And I've tried with VVT on but i cant't work it out.

Log and file attached.



vvt.llg SHAUN.pclr

Also, I've had the car idling and turned the AN 3 Cam switched on and off>500rpm and you can hear something happen, but driving around makes no difference.

I have a giant torque hole and it needs filling!!!

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The original M50 has no Vanos.  The TU versions have what BMW call "Two setting Vanos", it is not VVT, it is just an on/off setup similar to Honda Vtec.

Our E36 base map has the correct settings for the M50TU, aux 3 set to CAM-switched and they usually work best to turn on at 2500RPM and off at 4500.

It only moves the inlet cam about 20 crank degs so it will never make a large difference.  


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I dont know the M50 well enough, but I dont think the cam trigger wheel moves with the camshaft does it?  Isnt it fixed to the back of the sprocket?

I would expect if you hold RPM just above idle somewhere and put aux 3 into test mode you would hear the note of the engine change if it is working.

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Im not sure if I would rely on the cam angle #1 being correct without the proper tooth offsets etc set up.  Try doing a couple trigger scopes at say 2000RPM, one with the aux in test mode and one with it off.  provided that cam wheel moves with the camshaft and the cam is actually moving we will see it in the scope. 

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