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VL RB30ET issues


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Hello Everybody,

I have just installed a new G4X board into a VL. I have some issues i'm trying to iron out and hoping for some help.

1) It takes a very long time to sync up the ignition. You can watch with a timing light and it dosen't start to supply ignition until the 10th engine revolution.

2) when its running it wont idle smooth unless its at 0.8 lambda or about 12 AFR

3) My lambda keeps dropping out and just says ERROR

When its in the rev range seems to run smooth but cannot stabilize idle for the life of me.

A base run was done with the factory computer and it idled silky smooth at 1.0 or 14.7 and fired up off maximum 1 rotation of the engine. The customer is pretty finicky so i want to make sure i get it bang on for him.

I have attached his file if someone could please have a look over it and let me know if im missing anything.





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Ok, the log looks like it was with the engine idling.  Was the "extended cranking" the bit at the end?  

As for your trigger issue, can you try changing trigger 1 edge to falling as your rising edge is very close to clashing with trigger 2.  How often do you get the trigger error?  

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The PC logging is very slow during start-up so I think ECU logging will give us better info.  Attached is your map with some channels of ECU logging set up.  Can you load this in and do a couple of start-ups, it will just record the whole time ign is on.  Hit the D key to download.  

Your CAN lambda is showing error 16 and 33 which are usually caused by inadequate power supply or excessive electrical noise.  If the wires are decent size and the source it is connected to is capable of providing full voltage at ~8A, then it is probably noise, this can often be fixed by adding the 22uF capacitor as per the quick start guide.  

Im going to PM you a link to the next software/firmware release.  It has some additional tricks added to the Nissan trigger mode to make it more immune to noise that may help (I thought they were already in the current version but apparently not).  

vlfile with ECU logging.pclx

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