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Connection error and Logging question


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I get a popup message when I connect "An invalid character was found in text content" Line 0

What does this mean?

I am also trying to enable Logging using a toggle switch though DI#3.

I have been able to get one data log using the toggle but have not been able to get another.  If I toggle On for 20 seconds then Off for 5 seconds then back On for another 20 seconds I would think I would get two logs?  Does log 1 need to be closed somehow?

Any help here would be appreciated.


Vi-Pec error.JPG

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For the invalid character, it is not one I have seen before, but a quick search on the forum found this old post suggesting it can be caused by one of the XML files.  So try this:

For the logging activation, you should get a new file each time the switch is activated.  From memory there was a minimum length requirement - something like if the log was shorter than 3 seconds it would not be saved.  Is your DI3 set up as a GP input and switch type set to toggle?

Make sure you are on the latest firmware (4.10.2) and put the runtimes "DI 3 GP Input Status", "Logging Status" and "Capacity" on a gauge on your screen may help you see what is going on.

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I found I had a bad ground. It is now working

I updated firmware to 4:10:2. I’m looking at runtime values for Logging Status and Capacity. When I set up GP Input as a Switch Type Toggle with On Level Low it will start logging when I remove the 12v going to DI3 and Logging Status will flash green like it is trying to when I add the 12v. But it will not initiate logging if I have on level set to High. It just flashes like it is trying to. Capacity increases from 0% as it logs. 

if I set Switch Type to Momentary it will start logging if I flip power on then off  in this condition I will not know if it is on or off as the momentary can occur on to off or off to on. 
should I try setting up with DI4 instead of 3?

Im guessing it is the Active Edge associated with DI1-DI6

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