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R34 Gtt, Ngttx. pin 106 and 108 queries????


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Hi, i was going over the wiring and pin outs before installing my G4x. I have converted my car from Auto to manual therefore it used to use pin 106 on the factory ECU for a "line pressure solenoid", on the G4x the pin out its allocated is "Aux 1". As i no longer have an auto does these become a spare  auxiliary output? and if its not being used as the wire still goes somewhere should i remove the pin so it doesn't send or receive any voltage/signals. 


Second Question. pin 108 on the factory ecu  which is used for the charcoal canister solenoid valve. The Link has it as "an temp 4", does the link still control the solenoid operation or is it now redundant? and in turn making "an temp 4" available for use elsewhere.




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Pin 106 is not connected to anything on the GTT plug-in.  Aux 1 is actually pin 104 which is for the wastegate solenoid on turbo models or the intake runner control on the NA models.

Pin 108 - correct the purge valve will no longer work.  AN T4 is there to allow easy connection of a air temp sensor.

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