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Link G4 Xtreme


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Hi guys I have a link G4 Xtreme (silver box unit) to comply with Motorsport standards I have installed a kill switch on the main power cable that goes from the battery to the starter motor. The car is wired so a cable then runs from the starter to a bus bar and then power is distributed from there to the relevant places nice and simple setup. But here comes my question when the kill switch is used absolutely everything will loose power including the ECU I worry this may make the ECU unhappy or cause problems if anybody could advise on the situation of I'm worrying for no reason any help would be great.


Thanks in advance Mike 

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The ecu will be completely happy to have the power shut off at any time.  But one thing you need to be careful of which you dont mention in your post is you need somewhere for the alternator to dump its energy when you disconnect the battery.  If you dont have an alternator then it will be fine as is.  If you have an alternator then you really need a 3 pole switch which connects a resistor to the alternator when you isolate the battery - otherwise the alternator will send 100+V through everything that is connected to the bus bar when you hit the kill switch and fry everything.


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Hi Adam thanks for the quick and helpful response :) thats perfect. My apologies I forgot to mention how I wired the kill switch but it is done exactly how you have shown in that diagram. The only other thing I thought about was when the kill switch is off the ECU won't be recieving any 14v i have double checked the power wiring diagrams and the ECU doesn't appear to need a constant 14v for memory purposes and that both power pins get connected to the main relay switch is this correct. 


Thanks again 

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