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2005 impreza STI idle problems


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Hi guys !


I would really like so help over here. 

Since a while back my car has issues being on idle. It just keeps oscilating on engine RPM`s. without A/C on and even worse when A/C is on.

when driving the car is running smooth with no problems at all.

I already did some reseach here on the forum, had a topic with similar problems. tried the settings on the ECU provided on that topic, but it didnt seem to help. might even got a little worse,

I already checked out the obvious places for a vacuum leak but didnt find any


I made 2 logs, 1 without AC and 1 with AC. can you guys take a look and maybe help me out ?

idle oscilating no AC.llg idle oscilating WITH AC.llg

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Ok, mostly your E-throttle target and base position table were completely wrong.  But I think the main ignition table and idle ignition table could be improved also to give much better torque control around idle.  So in the attached file I have changed lots, it may not work well initially so dont fret if it still no good.  Please load this map in and do another log, I may still need to make some tweaks.  

Oh please update to the latest firmware also before doing the log.  There were a couple of improvements to idle control in 5.6.7.

New idle.pclr

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Oke, I updated the firmware.

Loaded the file.

When i first started the car it had a bit of an issue idling. But when I touched the gas pedal it was gone and havent returned ever since ( but didnt start the car cold again).

The car is idling normal now, only I forgot to test it with A/C on

I will make a log for it next time.

Thanks again Adam !

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Oke ! had some time to do some driving and logging.


So in quick,

- The car at cold start is still having some issue`s.

- Warm idle is perfect. With and without A/C.

- When driving with A/C on it looks like its being held back when light on the throttle. (i dont know if it is related).


Car runs good, from 0, the car accelerates real smooth. so thank you Adam for that :D maybe you can take a look at the cold start ?




new idle driving to stop no AC.llg new idle driving to stop with AC.llg new idle warm start.llg new idle, cold start.llg

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