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1jzgte vvti jzx110 base map for g4+ fury wire in


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Below is a base map I have loaded onto my ecu from a different forum on here,which I did tweak a little bit. But I still cant get it to fire. I have a jzx110 1jzgtevvti into my Silvia s15 240sx.Ecu is a link fury g4+ wire in. with a brand new wiring harness. all aux out puts are correct from what ive seen. can any one look over the base map and see if im missing something. 

Mods are lq9 coils (which I converted to direct spark) cant seem to get the dwel where it should be . Between 5.5-6ms

stock 1jzvvti injectors.

converted to drive by cable, cant seem to find where to convert to speed density either but we did remove the maf. 

also does have a j pipe delete other than that no other mods. 

thank you in advance, im not sure how these whole forums work because this is my first post in one.


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non professional quick look 

speed density=modelled fuel

also your ignition is set to wasted spark...should be direct fire

also i would go thru are get rid/turn off all the unused items like MAF and DBW stuff

P.S. DBW is awesome

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The map you have is already speed density.  As dbs13 says you need to go to >ignition >ignition setup>ignition main and change ignition mode to direct spark.

Also in >Fuel>Fuel setup>fuel main you will want to make the master fuel number much bigger.  This is the overall fuel scaling so since you have small injectors I would start at around 20-25ms. 

Dwell is fine as it is. 

Is your MAP sensor connected/Setup/working?  It is not working when you saved that map.  

Otherwise it is not far away.  

Do you have realistic RPM (~150-250) displayed in the software when cranking? 

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sorry yes when I uploaded the map it was just the base map that I got off the forum. I still switched everything. Adam I will look into the fuel scaling but we did get it to start. I do have a air temp error on the ecu. car start. revs and idles fine for the most part it is running rich but that's due to a number of things. I will plug into the car later on today and see what I can come up with, this is the updated map below. 

racelab industries silvia s15 1jzgte vvti base map.pclr

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