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Engine randomly shut off at idle

Riiken TSh

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Hi been setup & adjust fueling ST205 plugin for a week, the pnp unit really is a god send for me am new to all these ECU stuff, very satisfied the car drives smooth, but there's an issue left me nervous, some within ~10 minutes after cold startup the car has a tendency to randomly drop off at idle, with no apparent reason, everything seems normal, AFR etc., nothing abrupts, it simply put out peacefully left me confused. 

This happen 1-2 times each time I drove the car, may happen from anywhere 60-95 ECT, then after~15 minutes it largely goes away. Turning idle target up to 1000rpm it would happen less(but still appears sometime) but worried car running too hot as traffic jam everyday.

It might be mechanical issue as there's occasion I stomp on clutch immediately when rpm dip, and motor came back to life. Whatever the reason is there any solution to this problem as oem ECU idles just fine no prob? 


ps. Also a question why my basemap come with accel sens. table setup with rpm? Shouldn't be dTP or dMAP? 

settings: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mjL55Cyi-p9rD4Db1khIctDj3LmuwyUO/view?usp=sharing

log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xTWqhuRxw0EgAZufJ4DKRqVhLHjPH9QT/view?usp=sharing



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Looks like a trigger issue.  Trigger 1 signal goes to 0 and the trigger 1 error counts up just as it stops.  

Can you do a trigger scope under similar conditions (engine warmed up, idling @ 870) so we can see if there is any obvious reason such as arming threshold.

RPM as the axis for accel sense is normal, this is because you need much more accel enrichment at low RPM than at higher RPM.    

Also, I suggest you update the firmware.

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