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Wiring injectors monsoonx 4 cylinder


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Hi all,

A small question I am currently planning my loom for our Citroën saxo kit car that we will be running on a Monsoon X

For the injection I have the choice of semi sequential wiring injector 1 and 4 on drive 1 and wiring 2-3 on drive 2


i am interesting in doing a semi sequential using the 4 drives to be able to apply trims to each cylinder if needed as I don't need extra outputs.

So to do this i must use multi group selecting drives 1-4 and then wire in the firing order so inj 1 on drive 1, inj 3 on drive 2, inj 4 on drive 3 and inj 2 on drive 4 is it correct ?

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11 minutes ago, Adamw said:

Is it single throttle body? or ITB's?  Boosted or naturally aspirated?

Will the engine be used on the road or for racing only?

NA with ITB tarmac rallying only and with extreme Cams it produces 226hp at the crank for a 1600cm³ it is nice !!!

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Ok, you are in luck then.  The G4X has a new MAP sync feature, if you connect a MAP sensor to a single intake runner, it can use the MAP sensor to detect the intake stroke instead of using a cam sensor.  This will give you full sequential fuel and direct spark ignition capability.

Here is a little video explaining some of it: 


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Just now, Adamw said:

It is only needed at startup, once synchronised the engine can stay synced using crankshaft alone. 


Yes i undestand but if for example the tube connected to the map disconnects will the engine be starting or not ?

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It will still start and still run sequential but it will take more attempts to get it started since synchronisation will just be luck of the draw.  Approx 50% of start attempts it will spark on exhaust stroke so wont start, so you stop cranking, try again, eventually it will spark on the correct stroke and run.

However, out of the probably many hundreds of ecu's I have tuned over the last 25 years I dont think I have ever seen a map sensor hose come off or even a map sensor fail completely - so I think the chances of this happening are pretty remote.

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