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G4X Fury Honda K20A Trigger


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Hi there,

I am currently using G4+ Fury the engine set up is K24A2 bottom end + K20A head. Since I really like the idea of onboard logging and therefore purchased G4X Fury via the agent last week I am expecting it soon.


Prepare myself by start building up the base map on G4X. Unsure at the trigger setting as follows;


in G4+ Trigger1  is Crank sensor and K24 type. Trigger 2,  I use LH exhaust cam and LH ntake came is used for VVT


in G4+ the LH exhaust is not available for selection as trigger 2. Therefore seeking for you advice on what is the correct trigger set up for K20A engine.


Thanks and cheers

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In G4+ the "trigger 2 VVT" setting only applied if the cam that was connected to trigger 2 had VVT, the K20 doesnt have VVT on the exhaust so that setting wasnt relevant.  

In G4X all VVT settings are moved to the VVT folder - and obviously there are only intake VVT settings for this engine.

Your G4X trigger settings will look something like below:



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