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S15 G4+ plug n play power issue


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I have a 1993 240sx s13 with a s15 sr20det swap with a wiring spectacles pro harness. Was running great with no issues on the stock ecu. Installed a Link ns15+ plug n play ecu and now I'm having issues with the ecu not getting constant power and not getting any power cranking. The LED light on the ecu board blinks constantly when key is in the run position and goes off when cranking. My a/c compressor clutch also now switches on when the key is turned to the accessory position and turns off when in the run position. 

I sent constant power to pin 38 of the ecu now the ecu powers up and I am able to connect my pc and the car now runs, but it still has the issue with the a/c compressor clutch coming on. I had none of these problems with the stock ecu and have tried swapping back to the stock ecu and all of the problems go away. Checked power in the run position at pin 38 with the stock ecu and I'm getting a good 12v, but with the link ecu installed I'm only getting 6.5 volts. When running with the link ecu the a/c switches on and off like it should except when you have the fan in the max position then it just shuts off. I'm thinking I have a chassis wiring problem its just weird to me the problem is only happens when using the link ecu. Any ideas or should I go though my chassis wiring harness and try to find the issue?

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Pin 38 is the power from the main ECCS relay, so it sounds like that possibly isnt engaging.  Can you measure voltage on pin 36 both in run position and when cranking.

We will diagnose the power supply issue before worrying about the AC as they may be related.

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